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2012- year in images- portrait sessions. calgary portrait photographers.

We love being part of the lives of families. We love creating images of babies, pregnant tummies, energetic kids and moms and dads. We even had the privilege of creating images of a birth this year- (the images from this session will appear on a later blog post). It is such an honor for us to have families choose us to hang out with them and take their picture- it is a relationship of vulnerability and trust.
Lots of clients have the goal of creating “one image where we all look nice and are smiling at the camera.” We take this job quite seriously and work hard to accomplish this goal but we find that the images that we love- images that fit our goal of being natural, authentic and personal- are the ones that happen in the “in between”. Between times where images are choreographed and prepared for, Jaime and I find that we can get the most priceless laughs, expressions and even cries, and images are created that are more powerful and more genuine. We love pictures that tell stories and these “in between” images are where true stories are told. Stories of love and happiness, joy and fun- the stories of families and how they are together. How they hold each other and look at each other and how they laugh and cry together.
These are some of our favorites from 2012- we’d like to thank all of the families and couples that trusted us to be part of their world and to tell a part of their story last year…

2012- The Gages in Action

Although this post is essentially images that mostly feature the backs of our heads, it represents some of the places we went and the people we met and worked with in 2012, which was an awesome year for us! Jaime and I had such an amazing time meeting and getting to know the incredible people that allowed us to be part of their lives for a brief, but super important time. These images come from some of the weddings, engagement sessions and family sessions that we shot in 2012.
On another note I’d like to say here that it such a privilege for me to get to shoot with my wildly talented wife a bunch of times each year. We have so much fun together and it doesn’t feel like work so it is great for our marriage as well. I have said many times that our business shouldn’t be called Scott Gage Photography because of how talented and important Jaime is, and perhaps a name change and re-brand is in our future, but for now, as I look over these images for the year, I realize how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful wife and partner and how blessed we are…