My desire is that you would see my passion in every photo I take and in every word I write.


About me

If you were to check out my Instagram feed you’ll probably notice common themes: family, nature, golf, hockey, images from my weddings, engagements and family sessions and travel. These things, all rooted in my faith are what I love. I have two wonderful, energetic kids and a beautiful and amazing wife to whom I have been married for more than 13 years. I am a passionate person and I pour myself into the things that I love.

For me photography is a passion but more so is being part of people’s lives when it really counts. I love the moments of life- the moments that, even in a still image, live and breathe and stir our memories in a real, personal way. I love telling stories using images such as these and that is what I can do for you.



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jaimini + aneel sneak peek. calgary wedding photographer.

In their own words: ” The three months between our engagement & our wedding was a complete whirlwind, but now […]

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nicole + dimitrios sneak peek. calgary wedding photographer.

Nicole and Dimitrios- in their own words: “It’s so funny. You spend what feels like forever planning your dream wedding, […]

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shiva + farhad sneak peek. calgary wedding photographer.

thanks to these vendors for making a dream wedding: DJ: DJ PS Videographer: Dallis Swiatek MU: Dana Mckinnon Florist: Orange […]

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