Carmen and Scott Sneak Peek. Calgary Wedding Photographer.

Jaime and I spent some time in the beautiful city of Victoria recently and we had the privilege of being part of the wedding of this amazing couple= Carmen and Scott. Carmen is my cousin and I have looked up to her for my entire life. She has always been beautiful and mature and wise and I always enjoyed my family’s visits with her as well as with my aunt and uncle and her brother Brad (who sang an incredibly beautiful and touching song at the reception.) Because of this I was so honored that she asked Jaime and I to be part of her day. Scott is a great guy and the main way that I was able to determine this was watching his relationship with his family. There was so much love there and he was really great with all of the little ones at the wedding- which is huge in my books!
Carmen and Scott- thank you for involving us in your wedding day. We had an amazing time and it was really special for us. We wish you two grace, peace and love in your life together.