Robyn + Kyle Love Story. Calgary Wedding Photographer.

From one perspective, weddings are stories. They are the story of two people and their love for one another, how events (or friends) conspired to bring them together, how their love grew as they discovered one another and how they came to a decision to make a commitment to be together. They also represent the beginning of many new stories, often stories that will involve children and family; stories that represent hope and excitement for the future.
One of the great things about being at a wedding, whether it is as a photographer or guest, is that some of this hope and excitement rubs off on everyone there because of the power of story.
Because of this Jaime and I love creating our “Love Story” videos that play at the reception. They are a concrete, tangible expressions of the stories that bring couples together and give them hope and excitement for the future.
This video is from the wedding of Robyn and Kyle and we had a great time putting it together- these two have so much fun together and it is contagious. When this video played at their reception there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we all celebrated their story.
Hope you enjoy….


Robyn + Kyle Love Story from Scott Gage on Vimeo.