Christi + Chris Sneak Peek. Calgary Wedding Photographer.

We were honored to be a part of the wedding celebration of Christi and Chris this past weekend at Silvertip Resort in Canmore. They are an exceptionally Calgarian couple because, besides both being engineers, they met at the Stampede, they love country music and one of them cheers for the Stampeders and one cheers for the Riders- (probably an accurate cross-section of Calgarian football fans). Their wedding day was an amazing mix of emotions. Their was lots of laughing, lots of crying, lots of football trash-talking and lots of partying as well.
The day began with the couples getting ready with their wedding party at the beautiful Solara Resort. It was a very interesting start to the day- the boys did very well having their picture taken whilst in the hot tub (kind of an awkward dynamic for sure)- and then they had a bit of a tough time figuring out how to put on their bow ties (turns out You-Tube was of no help to them.) The girls got even more beautiful then normal and then the first thing we asked Christi to do was to have a seat on the toilet because there was a really cool light above it (I think she found that to be a bit bizarre but you can see the results below).
Christi and her girls had their hair done by Hair Candy and their make-up done by Make Me and they looked amazing- particularly Christi of course.
Like I mentioned earlier, the ceremony and reception both happened at Silvertip Resort in Canmore which is one of our favorite places of all to be part of a wedding celebration. the staff is amazing- the food is delicious and you can’t beat the scenery.
The entire day was coordinated by Firefly Occasions who did an amazing job. Every little detail of the day was taken care of so that Christi and Chris could just enjoy the celebration together. The ceremony was incredible- check out the centre aisle runner- and it featured fireworks synchronized to the first kiss! The beauty of the banquet room at Silvertip Resort was drastically enhanced by the decor decisions made by the Firefly team and- get this- the evening was capped off with a fireworks display on the driving range! It was amazing thanks to the team at Magnum Fireworks! Big thank you to Kendra, Katie and Tiffany for their hard work with all of the planning.
Finally, the entire day was put to moving pictures as well thanks to the incredible team at Snap Weddings. I’ll take a moment to thank them personally here- we had never worked with professional videographers before and they were amazing- Jaime and I truly made two new friends at Christi and Chris’ wedding.

Christi and Chris- congratulations on your marriage- we wish you grace, peace and love as a new couple…