Serena + Jordan. Sneak Peek. Calgary Wedding Photographer.

As those of you who live in Calgary know, we have had a pretty long winter this year and it has seemed as though spring was never going to arrive. Well, for us spring officially arrived on Saturday with the wedding of Serena and Jordan. It was a beautiful day out- the sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the big blue sky and two people that love each other deeply shared that love with their friends, family and wedding photographers!
The ceremony was amazing and really reflected the importance of faith to Serena and Jordan. There were worship songs, readings, a foot-washing, communion and a rope-tying and it all served to tell the story of who Serena and Jordan are- which is a couple that is in love with God.
They have an amazing group of friends who traveled from all over the world to be with them on their special day which is another indication of just how special they are. The majority of Serena’s bridesmaids are midwives so you can imagine how well Serena was cared for!
The reception was in the Crossroads Community Centre and was beautifully decorated with icicle lights, herbs, and lanterns. I think my favorite detail was the cake- topper (Jordan created and added the beard just for accuracy’s sake). The meal was catered by Catering by Design and was incredibly delicious Indian Cuisine. The community centre was right next to a field with a great view of downtown and so we were able to sneak Serena and Jordan out for a few final portraits with the sunset and the cityscape as a background- beautiful!
As we spent time with Serena and Jordan watching them with each other and with their friends and family, watching them worship, watching the slideshow from their past and hearing the stories of their lives we were struck by what a wonderful couple they truly are. They are a couple that loves deeply and it made for a really special day…