Kristen + Neil Mexico Wedding Story: Destination Wedding Photographer

What a privilege it is for me to post images of the wedding of my sister in law Kristen and new brother in law Neil! We had an incredible time in Mexico celebrating the two of them and their wedding back in January with lots of friends and family (and some exceptionally large lizards). We had a few days before the wedding to explore, relax, swim, drink margaritas, and hang out and fortunately I was able to avoid the sunburn that I usually get when I go to a warm climate in the middle of winter. The ceremony happened under a beautiful gazebo right next to the ocean and was a wonderful celebration of Kristen and Neil and their love for each other. Some champagne and a mariachi band helped conclude the ceremony and then, after we made some images on the beach, we headed to an incredible reception right on the beach. The dinner was delicious (Neil played the hero and put out a fire) and the dance was one of the best that I have ever seen- there was definitely muchos celebrating. A couple days later Kristen and Neil put their duds back on and we made some more images on the beach, in the ocean and in the pool- the other patrons loved it when Kristen cannon-balled into the pool in her wedding dress with Neil. It was a great week for us and we’re thrilled to post some of their images…

I call this one “trip” tych