Nikki + Ryan- Calgary Wedding Photographer

The first thing you will likely notice when you look at these images is how much smiling and laughing happened at this wedding. The entire day was such a pleasure to be a part of because it was entirely saturated with love and happiness. Nikki and Ryan are very much in love with each other and were very excited to get married.
Jaime and I drove to Trochu for the first time in our lives to photograph the wedding and we discovered some very beautiful places. We began on Nikki’s parents’ farm where Nikki was getting ready with her two boys (who were watching Fraggle Rock on TV- how sweet is that!). Ryan then arrived with his groomsmen and we had a ‘first look’ moment with the bride and groom because they were going to have their photos done before the ceremony. It was a unique first look because normally the groom is excited to see the bride in her dress and, although that was definitely the case here as well, Ryan and his groomsmen wore kilts and so Nikki was just as interested to see him all dressed up. After that we took some pictures around the farm, where we made friends with a couple of donkeys, and then we proceeded to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park which is just down the road from the farm. I didn’t even know that this park existed but it is a beautiful valley with badlands and a crazy view.
The ceremony happened at the Arboretum in Trochu and included a Scottish handfasting- Nikki and Ryan smiled the entire time.
The reception was in Trochu as well and was a lot of fun. The speeches were great and so was the meal (Ryan is a huge Riders fan and was surprised with a Riders cake). The evening ended for us with an anniversary dance in which every married couple began dancing and were asked off the floor until only the couple who had been married the longest were left- it was beautiful and was an appropriate celebration of love and marriage for the occasion. Wild Bill’s DJ Services played great music to help us celebrate Nikki and Ryan.
Thanks again Nikki and Ryan for choosing us to be part of your day- we wish you grace, peace and love for the rest of your lives…