Love Story- Milca and Thomas

So you may have seen me mention recently about our new venture called the “Love Story” and you may have had a sense of how excited I am about it. This is a part of our business that I have become quite passionate about and our first attempt went very, very well- as good as we could have even dreamed of really. We consider ourselves storyteller photographers and so the “Love Story” sort of functions as a prologue or prequel to the story that we help tell about our clients as part of their wedding day.
A “Love Story” video is something that our clients will play at their reception and includes still photos and video clips from the enGagement shoot. For the video we get our couple together and ask questions like: how did you meet? and how did he propose? and we get to hear some of the story of how their love developed. We then separate the couple and ask each of them what they love about each other and also give them each a chance to say something to each other on their wedding day… this is a great chance for couples to say the things that they really want to say to each other on their wedding day without putting pressure on themselves to do it in a speech.
The final product is a mix of these clips and the still frames from the day set to music and comes with a guarantee that the tears will flow.

We had so much fun creating the “Love Story” video for Milca and Thomas and it turned out beautifully. They told their story and spoke from their hearts and on their wedding day it became a very special moment both for the couple and their families and for us because we got to share and create with our new friends. Here is what they had to say:

“One of our guests at the wedding told us ” how amazing it was to have this video for our children to see one day”. It never even occurred to us but it is true, it will be something special to share years down the road. So thank you for this gift, we truly appreciate the idea. It was great to just say something to each other in front of the camera that was natural and came from the heart. Everyone of our family and friends loved the video just as much as we do. Thank you also for suggesting not to view it until our wedding day it made it so much more special for us. You both are so passionate about what you do and it truly shows in all your work. I’m so glad I met Jaime the one day and that things fell into place the way they did.
Thank you very much!”

Thomas and Milca
P.S.- Can’t wait to call you for baby pictures :)

I hope you like our first ever “Love Story” and hopefully there will be many more to come. As you watch it enjoy Milca and Thomas’ story but also try and imagine if it were you telling your story in the video and how beautiful it would be for you and your family…